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Thursday, March 17, 2011


For immediate release

Dear Friends,

To Say the LEAST.........we are deeply gratified and very humbled at this tremendous outpouring of support as you our friends and fans have voted and we hear you loud and clear!!  Mark states, " I've never seen four grown men laugh in disbelief one moment and the very next be moved to tears of joy as we realize the loud message you have elected to make concerning this ministry."   Yesterday marked 1 year and 1 month since we became a quartet and this stamp of approval not only for the men in their individual positions, but also the quartet making the top 10 at the end of their first year is simply overwhelming!

Our song "Testimony" as well as our album by the same name also recieved the nod for a top ten nomination!!!

Please allow us to take this time to simply say "thank you" for your love and continued support.

Hope to see you soon,

Mark, Dustin, Pat, Joel and Stan
The Mark Trammell Quartet



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