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Monday, August 29, 2011

Letter from a concert...

From time-to-time we get e-mails from people who attend a singing and it just sticks with you. Thank you Mr. Bob Griffin for taking the time to write to MTQ and encourage us to keep going!

Word of Appreciation

Saw you guys for the first time on 8-26-11 at Pelahatchie Baptist. Through the years, I have seen, heard, and visited with almost all the "big time" quartets. I have never heard one better. Generally, when I attend a concert, I enjoy it and move on. This one stayed with me. The Holy Spirit settled deep in this old heart that night and is still prodding me. This was not just another concert. It was something of an awakening and has given me a new perspective. If you locate a tenor with half the talent of Joel, you will still be the premiere group of today.

As my old friend J. D. Sumner used to say, "I can't wait" until you guys are within our area again. Thank you for singing the gospel like no other.

Bob Griffin
Brandon, MS


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