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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rewind with Mark Trammell to 2002…

“When I heard the demo of ‘It’s Jesus’ from Dianne Wilkinson the first time, I knew we were going to record it.  We were at the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky when I heard the demo.  Dianne was already seated down in the auditorium for the night.  I called her and said, “Meet me at the steps.  I have something I need to look you in the eyes and tell you.”  She was excited; when she met me at the steps, I said, “Don’t let anyone else hear ‘It’s Jesus’, I’m doing that song.”  She just hugged my neck and said, “Thank you, I believe God will use it.” 
We recorded ‘It’s Jesus’ in 2003 and you can continue to hear these great lyrics of all Jesus is on our new CD, Rewind!”

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