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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Great week for Mark Trammell Trio

Last week so many of you helped pray for me and for the revival in Texas.  I have the joy of reporting that it was a great meeting.  More than 40 people walked the aisle during the four days we were there and two of the decisions were salvation decisions!  Pastor Charles Roberts, Ron Meadows and all the wonderful folks there at Denman Ave. Baptist Church were so kind and supported the meeting by being there every night.  It was truly a blessing.  We believe that God is not finished with the work started during that meeting.  
After the meeting I flew from Texas to meet the guys in Sioux Falls, SD where the Browns have shouldered the task of carrying on the tradition of a fall weekend event in that great city.  The event was the brainchild of the infamous "Mr. Ed" who passed away earlier this year, and is very much missed by our industry.  The Browns did an awesome job in promoting and the folks there were lots of fun to sing to!  Speaking of the Browns,  as most of you know, in less than three weeks the oldest daughter of the Browns, Jessica; will become Mrs. Jessica Trammell!!!  She and Nick will be married on Dec. 6!  She is Sooooo happy to be getting me for a father-in-law!  Of course, anyone that knows me can identify with her feeling of Joy! 
Blessings till next time,
Mark Trammell


Monday, November 10, 2008

MTT on the Gospel Greats

The Mark Trammell Trio will be the featured artist on this weekend's The Gospel Greats (November 8th). Songs from our newest project, "Always Have A Song" will be featured.
We hope you will listen, if you have chance.
Mark, Eric & Dustin

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mark in Revival at Denman Ave. Baptist, Lufkin, TX this week

Just a quick word to ask for special prayer for Mark this week.  While most churches don't have "revival" meetings any longer, there are still some that believe in "assembling themselves together"  for the purpose of spiritual renewal and direction.  Please pray for Mark as he conducts this meeting in Lufkin, Tx.  today thru Wednesday night.  If you are in the area and can do so, please join them one or all of the nights as they believe God for a great outpouring of His spirit during these days of Revival.