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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update from Eric Phillips

Hello friends,

I just wanted to drop a line and tell each of you what I'll be doing after I leave the Mark Trammell Trio.  I have been hired by the city of Gadsden, and will be working at the Gadsden Police Department! I will begin in-house training at the Gadsden Police Department on July 10th. While there, I will be preparing to attend Police Academy, which will start on August
16th, 2009, and last for twelve weeks. After I graduate from the Police Academy, I will then have seventeen weeks of field training. During this extended preparation time, I will be riding with experienced officers and applying the skills learned during my time in the academy to practical situations on the streets. 

I began singing eight years ago, and have met many wonderful people during the year I sang in North Carolina, and in the seven years I've traveled with the Mark Trammell Trio. Thank you for the encouragement that you all have given to my family and me along the way. Please keep us in your prayers!

God Bless!!!
Eric Phillips
Rom 13:4

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Eric Phillips announces plans to return to Law Enforcement

It is with bittersweet emotion that we announce the soon departure of our award winning tenor Eric Phillips.  Eric has served this ministry with integrity and honor since our very beginning seven years ago.  Bitter, because I view him as a second son and cherish the bond and relationship God has allow us to have for these years.  Sweet, because we firmly believe that God has a plan for all of us as we move forward to the next phase of our lives. 

Eric has been praying with careful consideration about this move for a number of months and feels confident that his return to Law Enforcement is what is best for he and his family.  Please join us in praying for God's perfect will for both Eric and this ministry.  His departure will take place sometime mid to late summer depending on our finding a suitable replacement and his reinstatement to active duty as a police officer.  As Eric stated to me, "I have two passions.  One is singing, and the other is Law Enforcement.  I have enjoyed my days with MTT and have enjoyed the love of gospel music fans around the world.  But I am convinced this is the right timing for this change." 

Anyone interested in auditioning for the tenor position should send a brief resume along with a sample tape or CD to Mark Trammell Trio/audition/PO Box 588/Gadsden, AL/35902. We will in turn listen and then contact those we feel to be the individuals most likely to fit our style, etc.   Auditions will begin just after fathers day as the group will be on an eight day tour and then vacation immediately following. 

If you wish to send cards of encouragement to Eric, Lauren, Carley, and Blake, send them to Eric Phillips / c/o Mark Trammell Trio/PO Box 588/Gadsden, AL 35902. 

I smile when reminded that the only thing that doesn't change is Jesus.  In order for us to grow as Christians, change must take place.  We wish Eric and his family God's speed in the days ahead.

In HIS service,
Mark Trammell

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