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Monday, January 20, 2014

"Your Walk Talks" Blog Tour

Go back with me about two years.  The Mark Trammell Quartet is honored to be a part of the In Touch cruise to Alaska.  The men are standing around the table talking with friends and fans.  During a lull in the action, Babbie Mason and Rodney Griffin head to the piano bar with pad and pencil in hand.  In no time at all they are standing at our table with a brand new song they have just written.  I loved the hook immediately. “Your Walk Talks” was written, recorded, and pitched in the same day out on the open sea.  We knew the song and the project it would be on would be very special.

Fast forward two years later as we walk into the studio in Nashville TN. to begin the 3 day process of laying down vocals for our first new song project in 3 ½ years.  The group looks different than it did the day the song was pitched but the desire to record it is just as real as it was when Babbie and Rodney brought it to us.  We want this project to really say something.  We don’t want to put out just another project.  We want radio candy to take a back seat to lyrics that will change your life.  For 8 months Nick and Mark have been listening to songs and whittling down the best of the best.  We are confident as we walk in to the studio on this snowy morning that we have something special on our hands.

This was Nick's first time to be in the studio for the entire process with his Dad.  This was Dustin’s first time to ever be in a studio.  Most of the time was spent “wood shedding”, making sure that everything was just right.  Trial and error ruled those three days to the point that we weren’t able to finish.  We went so far as to give up a vacation day to come in and get it right.  Now that the vocals are done its up to Mark and all the years he has spent in the studio to make sure that this is a project we can all be proud of, and proud is exactly what we are.  We are not proud of what we have done, on the contrary we are in awe of how God could use vessels that are so weak and create something that could transform the way you view your relationship with Christ.

We are so confident in the power of these songs that we have asked friends from all over the country to listen to the entire project and let you the reader hear what they think.  It is a first ever “Blog Tour.”  Nothing like this has ever been done and we are excited to be the first.  As they say, the reviews are in and you get to be the first ones to read them.  The Mark Trammell Quartet wants to thank everyone involved in making this possible.   Enjoy the tour.

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Your Walk Talks Blog Tour - stop #6

Welcome back!

You have just completed the Your Walk Talks Blog Tour!  We trust you have visited each stop on the tour and learned more about our new Cd through the Q&A time we had with Brian, Lynn, Aaron and Diana. We appreciate them so much!  If you missed one of the stops you can easily click one of the links below to catch up - you wouldn't want to miss any of these posts! 

Southern Gospel Critique - Brian’s Q&A with Mark Trammell
Lynn’s Chronicles - Lynn’s Q&A with Nick Trammell
Swain’s Musings - Aaron’s Q&A with Pat Barker
Music Scribe - Diana’s Q&A with Dustin Black

As you read each blog, you may have noticed that each blogger shared a few highlights from our ministry that meant a lot to them and then a song or two from the new CD that blessed them.  Now it’s your turn!  To anyone who comments on this post, they will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a free signed copy of Your Walk Talks!  You can share what their favorite MTQ song is and/or a special story relating to MTQ, or if you're new to MTQ's ministry, feel free to tell us how you heard about the blog tour.  (The comment is what qualifies entries, not the content.) The drawing will close January 28th - so be sure to enter before then!

Valued at $15.       

The odds of winning vary depending on entries. 

No purchase necessary!  

1.  Participants must 18 years of age to enter.
2.  Only open to US citizens with a US address.  
3.  Only one entry per household.  
The Mark Trammell Quartet is NOT responsible for lost mail/e-mail, printing or posting typographical errors or technical failures.